Happy News: English Lyrics, English Mix Completed!


Tsugi no Se~no! De – ON THE GREEN HILL

When we announced this song,
I never anticipated or even dreamed of all the messages
and requests flying in from all over the world asking for the English version.

You all punched us in the heart. So, with a little plotting,
we moved to respond to make this wonderful dream come true.

We were in the throes of touring, with all the crazy-busy work that it takes.
Yet, Miwa Yoshida didn’t take the easy way out of just translating the lyrics.
She took every spare moment to write original English lyrics
with care for the creative quality it deserved.

After recording Miwa’s vocals, we started working on the mix.
For this type of project,
it’s generally acceptable to mix the vocals with the Japanese karaoke track.
So, we tried that, but we weren’t convinced.
It didn’t sound right.

Remember, this was still in the middle of touring.
I sat down to remix the music to match the nuances
and minute shifts that singing in English entailed.
We put it together with the vocals, and it worked!

We’re over the moon about the English version,
and we’re more than confident you’ll like it.

Can it be delivered in time as a 2022 New Year’s present?
Maybe, but maybe not. Either way, keep on the look-out!

This song was brought to life to accompany Ito-En’s Oi O-cha’s message.
Sonic fans all over the world will continue to have a hand in growing it higher,
better, and bigger than ever.

(By the way, we love the English title.)

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