DREAMS COME TRUE announced a tie-in project with Ito En’s “Oi Ocha” !! DCT writes a new song and appears on the online commercials!

continues to play an active role, the long-awaited news of real DREAMS COME TRUE
has finally arrived.

ITO EN’s passion for drawing the future of “tea” together with
DREAMS COME TRUE has come true.
“Oi Ocha” has been the green tea of ITO EN’s No.1 annual sales in Japan since its release.
It holds Guinness World Records of “No. 1 annual sales” in the world as well.
DREAMS COME TRUE themselves will appear on the WEB CM with the newly written music
for the new Oi Ocha CM

The teaser will start on Saturday, May 1st, and the TV commercial and WEB CM
will start on Monday, May 17th.

Known around the world as JAPANESE GREEN TEA, green tea has a long history as
traditional Japanese culture.
DREAMS COME TRUE’s latest song depicts the grandeur and mystery of the tea
plantation where the green tea is born.
The counting song which is reminiscent of the world of Kenji Miyazawa
gently plants a tiny little courage in the hearts of listeners.

Miwa Yoshida’s unique lyric and the newly written melody based on the music of
“Green Hill Zone” that has been remembered and loved by people all over the world
for over 32 years have come together to be completed as one with an organic EDM arrangement.

“This project is not feasible, even if planned. It’s a Syzygy, a series of miracles.
It is impossible to have various elements and timings come together like this.
It’s beyond a tie-in project.
I’m excited to feel something insanely interesting things will be happening.
I am so grateful to everyone at ITO EN for giving us this opportunity! I’d like to hug all of you! (Nakamura)”

Also, there will be a campaign where you can get a chance to watch
“DREAMS COME TRUE (Dori Kamu) Online Festival” when you purchase selected products.

For more information, please visit the campaign site.
▼ “Dream Come True Tea Field Online Festival”
Campaign Site which opens on May 17th 〜

In addition, the special cardboard package of “Oi Ocha” is coming!
The virtual DREAMS COME TRUE “MASADO AND MIWASCO” and Dori Kuma & Waru Kuma bears are designed on the package (Available at limited retailers).